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Great Plains Life Department:

We know it takes many things to earn an Agent's life business. It all starts with an Opportunity and we would like that Opportunity!

With a simple phone call, Agents are quickly discovering the breadth of knowledge we bring to the table to support their life insurance cases. Knowledge, they may determine, they have not been getting elsewhere. It was not acquired in a few years but rather over 25 plus years of listening to Agents, clients, advisors, taking notes, digging for answers, studying, asking more questions and ultimately working thru thousands of different life cases.

In simple terms, when an Agent needs help, we consistently operate within these norms:

  • We are interested in speaking to you when you call or getting back to you in a timely fashion
  • We will answer your questions, ask questions, suggest solutions and possibly give you an idea
  • We will respond with what you need on the case quickly which most often is the same day
  • All size cases add up at the end of the year and we'll be paid only if you are paid

In broader terms, here is what you will be able to access:

  • broad selection of life products that should accommodate any type of life needs
  • Advanced Planning Case Development with access to Attorneys if required
  • Impaired risk cases with typically a 2 day turnaround on what underwriting may look like
  • Jumbo cases and avoiding total line issues with facultative reinsurance requirements
  • A thorough effort in overcoming any competition you may have on the case
  • Ability to discuss a case by phone with you while your client is present
  • Our ability to discuss cases directly with underwriters
  • Products for older ages up to age 90 and Single Premium plans to leave a Legacy
  • Simplified issue products where no exam or labs are required
  • Sales ideas within markets you are currently working in or have access to
  • A mindset of pushing for offers that can be placed on difficult cases
  • Coordinating Pension Maximization or SPIA/Life Combo cases with our Annuity Specialists
  • Ease of doing business with us no matter what state you live in

Life Insurance Markets We Support

Senior Market we define as age 60 to age 90

  • Creating a Larger Legacy
  • LTC life plans or Riders
  • 1035 Exchanges

Advanced Planning Cases

  • Business Insurance, i.e., 162 Bonus, Split Dollar, Deferred Compensation, Business Succession, Buy Sell Agreements
  • 412(e)3
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Estate Planning

Individuals or Families

  • Ages 0-90 (Products to include Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Index Universal Life, Survivorship Life, & Single Premium Life


  • Foreign Nationals Living in the United States
  • U.S. Citizens Living Abroad